Fifth grader, Teena Keene, has ambitions for literary greatness. The aspiring writer enters a contest honoring the best non-fiction story written by an elementary school student during spring break about what happened during spring break. The winning story will be published in Tween Magazine, the Atlantic Monthly of the preteen set.  Trouble is, Teena and her popular, snotty 14-year-old sister, Jeri, are being sent off to their grandmother’s farm in the country, where nothing interesting ever happens. Teena, with the help of her weird best friend, Stick, cook up a plot to conjure a great true-life story centering on the unwitting Jeri, the love-sick geek who adores her and a rival no one saw coming!

Based on the newspaper comic strip “Preteena” and produced in association with MOCO, a performing arts school in Keene, NH

Book by Allison Barrows
Music, & lyrics by Michael Cohen